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Octivo's innovative football jerseys will help you step up your game. Our equipment, made for champions by champions, guarantees that you'll be noticed on the field and will help you rise above the rest of the pack.
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We believe every athlete has a fire within. A spirit that strives for the best, that pushes boundaries, and seeks to unlock their ultimate potential. We're here to fan that flame.


We never settle. Each piece we create is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Crafted meticulously, every Octivo uniform is a perfect blend of innovative design and top-tier craftsmanship.


We take pride in our promise. If there's any hiccup in the delivery of the team wear manufactured by us, rest easy. We guarantee you'll love your jersey, or we'll provide a discount on that order. Octivo stands behind every stitch and stripe.


Our uniforms don't just represent a team; they symbolize the soul of champions. When you wear Octivo, you wear dedication, passion, and the unwavering desire to win.


Colours that Pop: Step onto the field with unparalleled vibrancy. Our sublimation process ensures colours are bright, bold, and eye-catching.

Long-lasting Designs: Say goodbye to fading and peeling. Your uniform’s design will endure the test of time, match after match.


Durable and Resilient: Built for action, our uniforms are made to withstand every slide, tackle, and goal celebration without tearing or wearing out.

Breathable Comfort: Even in the most intense moments of the game, our fabric allows your skin to breathe, keeping you cool and focused.


Unique to Your Team: Showcase your team’s spirit and personality. Choose your design, your colours, and make a statement every time you play.

Express Yourself: Every stripe, every shade, every emblem – they all tell a story. Let yours shine through with Octivo’s customisation options.


Across pitches and stadiums, elite clubs have chosen Octivo as their partner for custom sublimated soccer uniforms. Our commitment to quality and performance is reflected in every jersey we create.

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    What our customers are saying...

    Working with Octivo has been an absolute breeze from start to finish. The seamless experience of both ordering their products and the design process with their team has truly set them apart.
    Maya F.
    Alliens Volleyball
    The dedication of Octivo to brand quality shines through in every facet. Their exceptional user experience positions them as my top pick for all my requirements. Truly impressive!
    Isabella Smith
    The custom jersey design process by Octivo is unparalleled. Their meticulousness and collaborative spirit guarantee the final product matches your vision. Highly endorsed!
    Liam White
    Sublimation printing at Octivo is pure magic. The seamless process and stunning results make every project a success. Kudos for an awesome user experience!
    Emily Brown

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How long will it take to receive my custom teamwear order?

      Production times can vary based on the complexity of your design and the quantity ordered. Typically, once a design is finalised and approved, you can expect your custom teamwear within 3-4 weeks. We’ll always provide you with an estimated delivery date once the order is confirmed.

    • What if I don't have a design ready? Can you help with that?

      Of course! We have a dedicated team of designers who can assist you in creating a unique and impactful design for your teamwear. Just share your ideas, color preferences, and any logos or insignias, and we’ll provide you with design mock-ups for approval.

    • Can I mix and match sizes within my teamwear order?

      Yes, you can! We understand that teams consist of diverse members. You can specify the sizes you need, from small to extra-large or beyond, and we’ll ensure you get the right fit for every team member.

    • Are there any additional fees for using multiple colors or intricate designs?

      Our pricing is transparent. The cost of sublimation includes the ability to use multiple colours and intricate designs without additional fees. However, complex designs that require special printing techniques or additional materials may incur extra charges. We’ll always provide a clear quote upfront, ensuring no hidden fees.

    • What's the minimum order quantity for custom teamwear?

      Our minimum order quantity varies depending on the specific product. However, for most custom teamwear items, the typical minimum order is 10 pieces. If you have specific needs or are looking for exceptions, please contact our team to discuss further.

    • How do you ensure the colors and logos remain vibrant after multiple washes?

      Our sublimation process embeds the dye directly into the fabric on a molecular level, which means the colours and designs won’t fade. When cared for properly, following our washing guidelines, your teamwear will maintain its vibrancy and clarity for a long time.

    • Can I get a sample before placing a bulk order?

      Absolutely! We understand the importance of ensuring the quality and fit before making a larger commitment. For over 100 we don’t have a nominal fee, we can provide you with a sample piece that includes your custom design. This allows you to assess the product firsthand before placing a bulk order.

    • What types of materials do you use for your custom teamwear?

      We use a range of high-quality materials tailored to meet the demands of various sports and activities. Most of our teamwear is crafted from moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics to ensure comfort and performance. If you have specific material preferences or requirements, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.