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About Us

Born from a passion for performance and a rich tapestry of Australian sporting culture, Octivo is more than just a teamwear brand – we are a legacy in the making.

At Octivo Teamwear, we stand tall as one of Australia’s leading sportswear manufacturers. With roots deep in the heart of Australia, we have grown to be a trusted partner for some of the nation’s most prestigious clubs, providing them with unmatched, elite performance sportswear.

Every stitch, every fabric choice, and every design reflects our commitment to quality. This isn’t just any sportswear; it’s sportswear that carries the hallmark of Australian craftsmanship.

Our Journey

Our story began in 2013 as a humble family business, completely Australian-born and raised. While we've been crafting sportswear for other major brands for years, our unique focus on local sublimation manufacturing and custom-designed teamwear truly sets us apart. We are one of the rare gems in the industry that take pride in our Australian-made ethos.

Our Ambition

Our ambition reaches beyond just providing sportswear. We strive to embed a piece of Australian sporting culture into every garment, creating an exceptional range of high-performing gear that embodies the spirit of the team.

Octivo Service

Our commitment extends beyond the fabric. Whether you’re a club, a player, or a devoted fan, our promise is to serve you with unwavering sincerity and integrity. Because at Octivo, every stitch carries a story, and every service we deliver on our promise.

Octivo Community

More than a brand, we are a community. Our heart beats with the passion, perseverance, and pride of every player, every fan, every supporter. We’re not just here to dress you; we’re here to be part of your journey. Octivo is here for every code, every age, and every body.

No Limits. No Boundaries.

Octivo isn’t just about sportswear; it’s about the spirit of competition. We inspire athletes to push beyond the ordinary, to challenge their limits and unlock their true potential. When you wear Octivo, you wear the winning spirit, and boundaries become mere starting lines.

Octivo Excellence

We never settle. At Octivo, average is not in our vocabulary. With a relentless pursuit of perfection, every piece we create is a testament to quality craftsmanship. Excellence isn’t just an aim; it’s our standard.

Quality Guarantee

With Octivo, you don’t just wear a jersey; you wear a promise. A guarantee that every time you put it on, it stands up to every test and delivers on every front. Love your gear with a confidence that’s uncompromised.

Locally born. Passionately bred. That's Octivo Teamwear.

At Octivo Teamwear, we are driven by excellence, tradition, and innovation. We want to be part of your journey - to inspire, challenge your limits and unlock your true potential.
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